As African feminism grows, younger people are active towards being part of the movement. Below are examples of some of the young women led feminist groups and the work they are doing to move African feminist agenda forward.

Women in Tech Madagascar – Madagascar

Founded in 2016, Women in Tech Madagascar is led by 8 young women from the ICT sector. Their ambition is to help, support, encourage, train and promote passionate women with credentials that will enhance their employment in this sector. They have developed leadership, exchange of technological knowledge, increase in the participation of women in fields such as media and technology and demonstrate that women can master new technologies.

Kusimudzana – Mozambique

Founded in January 2015, Kusimudzana (which means helping each other) is a nongovernmental organization with the main vision of ending gender based violence in the community and the country, as a whole. Located in Cruzamento de Tete, Villa de Vanduzi, Chimoio,Mozambique, the group’s  activities include advocacy, information dissemination, life skills trainings, judicial accompaniment, medical accompaniment and psychosocial support among others.

Molao Matters – Botswana

Molao Matters mission was founded to make law accessible and justice attainable for all. The group believes that the bridge between the law and its subjects can be built by creating portals of access. It can be maintained by challenging attitudes of apathy and stagnation and strengthened through strategic activism. They believe in Gloria Steinem’s motto: “Law and justice are not always the same. Destroying the law may be the first step towards changing it”.”

Her Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe

Her Zimbabwe envisions a Zimbabwe where women and girls are actively engaged in harnessing the potential of digital based media tools and innovation, for social change. Their mission is to amplify women’s voices online, by promoting literacy in digital storytelling and storytelling for advocacy and thought leadership. The group promotes advocacy and thought leadership through strengthening capacity to use digital tools, providing a platform to learn and share feminist ideologies engaging in critical online and offline conversations and knowledge creation and sharing on women’s rights and experiences

Tanzania Trans Initiative – Tanzania

Tanzania Trans Initiative (TTI) established in 2013 is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the Transgender community (Trans men, Trans women, Transgender sex worker, Transgender who live with HIV/AIDS) in response to HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Promotion and Advocacy through in depth partnership with the communities in Tanzania. It focuses on advocacy, capacity building, information dissemination to communities and its constituency, awareness raising on various issues that concern TTI’s members.