Winners of the WVL-SA Learning and Sharing Summit on 6-7 March 2023 were announced on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023 at a special event hosted by the Canadian High Commission. In this competition we are all winners!

WINNER: Sasospbiz
The Phakamisa girls economic empowerment (PGEE) is a holistic approach to economic empowerment for young women with great results – quantitative and qualitative. The planned research and documenting learning will be of immense value to all in WVL. Presentation
RUNNER UP: Dream Factory Foundation
This project, twelve month skills development/learnerships has drawn on good partnerships and an integrated approach to deliver impactful outcomes. Presentation
WINNER: Bellona Female Network
A targeted and impactful use of social media to partner young women with experienced mentors. It took a while to test and launch the app for a good reason – to make sure it all works! Congratulations on an amazing outcome! Presentation
RUNNER UP: The Great People of South Africa
This Community Based organisation in one of Cape Town’s poorest neighbourhoods punches above its weight, using social media to draw attention to violations of women’s rights where the mainstream media fears to tread. A powerful example of making IT work for gender justice.  Presentation
WINNER: The QNetworq
Established first platform for queer business women. Nice testimonials. Great presentation, nice graphics and video. Going regional – Kenya, Zimababwe, Mozambique, Namibia. Presentation
RUNNER UP: New Heritage Foundation
A product of the amazingly impactful work of New Heritage. A great presenter, really passionate demonstrating the impact of this programme. Presentation
This is an innovative mental health intervention that has psychosocial benefits for women with clinical depression because of their vulnerabilities. Positive results with rich stories of beneficiaries. Presentation
RUNNER UP:  We Will Speak Out/ KZN VAW Network
The project is a community-led, survivor centred initiative to turn GBV hotspots into violent-free zones: a good example of localised implementation of the NSP for GBV. Presentation
WINNER: Mikhulu Child Development Trust
Very educative and insightful scientific evidence of early child development. The programme’s link to reducing violent behaviour later in life makes it a refreshing intervention in GBV primary prevention. Presentation
RUNNER UP: Lesedi la Sechaba
The project has a strong community presence and strong ties with a variety of partners. It was also strong on M&E, and it was interesting to see how they were able to quantify and qualify project outputs.
RUNNER UP: Litshani Vha-de-Vhana Foundation
Litshani vha-de-foundation has come up with an innovative approach, edutainment to reach their beneficiaries such as songs, dance, and music. The project is committed to leverage on social media platforms to ensure visibility and to use this as a strategy to attract children and adolescents. Presentation
WINNER: New Heritage
This project is outstanding in its innovation and impact, working in schools on menstrual health, with girls and boys, and now moving to the national level with the Dignity Campaign. Presentation
WINNER: Bellona Female Network
Good presentation. Studied and started working as an economist in the private sector, when she entered the workplace she identified a gap. Identified the need for mentoring and supporting young black professional women. Founded organisation to address this, using new technology. A very strong and motivated young leader with a vision for gender equality that recognizes nuances of gender equality. Presentation
WINNER: Incema
A well rounded and thoughtful leader at organisational and community level. She is both conceptual and pragmatic in her approach. Also honest and self-aware. Uses ecological model in achieving their outcomes. Very good presentation – use of visuals and graphics. Presentation
RUNNER UP: Trans Hope
Great presentation, nice graphics and visuals. This leader founded the organisation at 23, has achieved a lot as a young trans woman, she works from community to policy level. Presentation
WINNER: Sasopsbiz Foundation
Very analytical presentation. Clearly articulated their focus areas and the changes that have happened as a result of the programme. The background was clearly presented and creatively shown. They have a clear sustainability strategy despite them being 3 years in business. This organisation will go far! Presentation
In SAWID’s twentieth anniversary year the organisation has resurrected institutionally; so important for the sustainability of South Africa’s only truly national women’s network! WVL is proud to have been part of this re-birth! Presentation
Translated the M&E Tool to local language and this a clear sign of innovation and application of work done. Clearly articulated the gaps and improvements that have happened as a result of the WVL work. Presentation
WINNER: Kwanele- bringing Justice to Women
A beautiful example of turning personal tragedy into change for good claiming tech to do so. Clear cut innovation, the Kwanele App has a potential to drive change and transform communities. Picture and graphics were well done and presented. They are using salesforce to good effect, claiming the tech to strengthen organisational effectiveness. Presentation
RUNNER UP: The Organisation for Young Women’s Dignity
Brought own branding. Nice visuals. Especially the app. Very clear on policies. Have found their own systems that work for them like Presented with energy. Presentation
RUNNER UP: Trans Hope
Very good localisation of policies eg contribute to background checks for staff as well as procurement, vetting the funding that works for the organisation – Board keeps the staff accountable and provides guidance – Powerful IEC Material – plus lub. Presentation