Thursday, 9 December 2021

Time: 2.00 – 3.00 pm (SA time)

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Sisonke proposes to host an online event to reduce stigma and discrimination against se workers, to further commemorate the 16 Days of no violence against women and children; leading to the International Day of No Violence Against Sex Workers on 17 December.  This Zoom discussion will encompass of a panel of: a transgender sex worker, female and male sex worker; nurse; lawyer and a police officer each defining how their line of work feeds into sex workers’ lives to reduce stigma and discrimination against sex workers which often leads to GBV.  The proposed funds, will go towards the purchase of 1000 orange ribbons/pins which similar to the red ribbon are a symbol used to heighten awareness of no violence against sex workers. Data for the five sex workers from all nine provinces to join in the conversation.

Sasopsbiz Foundation together with the HUGS and our partners we will host an event in commemoration of 16 Days Of Activism. The aim of the event is to inspire the victims of violence in a shelter called The Heaven. This shelter has about 22 women who are victims of crime & violence. One of our peer educators has started working with the shelter and we have agreed that we need to bring hope to these women as most of them are in a state of despair. Our HUGS will march to the shelter from the office with the placards highlighting the challenge faced by victims and also raising awareness about the course of GBV.  At the shelter we will play team building games to connect with the women, get to know them and make them know that they are part of us. We will also have short drama highlighting coping mechanisms for dealing with an abusive partner, we will also do a short poem on GBV. We will also distribute dignity packs, we are hoping that our HUGS will raise donations for these packs.


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