Incema was established in 2016 by Thenjiwe Ngcobo to respond to the need to provide psycho-social, prevention and support services to children who were previously abused or exposed sexually, who due to inadequate or limited access to therapeutic services grow up to become perpetrators or offenders of sexual and gender based violence. The main recipients of psycho-social services are sexually abused reactive children and their families/ caregivers. The aim is to prevent further abuse to children by children who are sexually acting out.

The aim of the project is to Coordinate stakeholder participation in provision of support to Plessislaer police station to deal with operational challenges that lead to non arrest dockets, withdrawal of SGBVF cases, release of alleged offenders before trial. Court support to the victims of gender based violence to reduce withdrawal of cases by witnesses due to fear.

The overall project aims at increasing conviction rate through ensuring that cases reported to the police station goes to court , communities are educated on relevance of reporting, court processes and procedure, that victims are supported throughout the trial process and to tackle contribution of drugs to SGBVF
The project was started to respond to the need of psycho-social support by children who were previously abused sexually, sexually exposed or violated but due to inadequate access to services they began to act out, repeat sexual act, end up violating other children, are at risk of becoming sexual offenders and further commit sexual and gender based violence. Incema aims at prevention of sexual and gender based violence through making sure that sexual offences against children are reported immediately and that there is adequate access to service. Cases committed by children with no criminal capacity are alsogiven attention to prevent further sexual crimes.