The Eshowe Child and Family Welfare society was established by a group of women in Eshowe community due to the increase in the number of abandoned, abused and neglected children in the area of Eshowe – mainly girls. The need for social work intervention increased as more women reported cases of abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and economic constraints.

At ECFWS we aim to create a community that is free from gender oppression, SGBV, GBV and all forms of inequality towards women, children and marginalized groups. We want to reduce the number of incidents of GBV by improving access to justice and support for those affected by the epidemic.

The WVLSA project will increase the awareness of GBV in schools, homes and community and the quality and performance of the justice system. There will be an overall improvement in accessing justice for GBV survivors. There will be skills development and increase community involvement in aiding with cases of GBV. Capacity building will result in many knowing their human rights and health rights and knowing which departments are available to assist the general public. We will see a better informed public on their rights and responsibilities.