Women Navigating the Future Network was established in 2016 Mathabiso Chamane and two friends. The aim is to inspire and empower women to be agents of change in communities and in boardrooms through creating networking platforms to connect women and educational workshops that offer skills and coaching.

The WVL “She matters” projects aim to give dignity to a girl child.  Many of the girls especial in rural areas use clothes to blot when they are on their period. Due to Covid19 pandemic, schools which assist sometimes with pads, are closed.  We want to continue to support these girls to make sure they have enough sanitary towels.  Most of the girls we assist come from child-headed families and we also assist by providing veggies and meals as we would like them to get food parcels during this time.

We aim to empower the girl child, and make her feel comfortable during her monthly cycles. We also aim to ensure that child-headed homes are well-taken care off during this crises in our country.