Social Justice (SJ) was established in January 2016 and was formally registered in 2018 as a Non-profit Organisation under the NPO Act (NPO 218-845). SJ’s founding purpose and basic philosophy is to address Gender Based Violence and Femicide (GBV&F) which has now become a scourge in Black communities and  the South African society at large.

The scourge of GBV&F not only results in extreme forms of violence against women in general but the first line victims are often young girls in the prime of their lives whose life chances are often destroyed. This has severe implications not only for families and communities but for South Africa’s social cohesion as well as its economic prospects.

The main aim of the WVLSA project will be to contribute to managing the risk and mitigating the impact of the virus across the Dobsonville community, with a special focus on women, who would be hit hardest by COVID-19 economic crisis than men.  We aim to have an intensive outreach and awareness programme aimed at conveying core messages about the cause and effects of COVID-19 as well as preventive measures. We also aim to ensure the food security of orphan children with food parcels especially targeting single mother households.