This organisation was started by three members of the community who were willing to assist poor families. It was established to improve women and girls’ standard of living by providing them with food parcels and also to provide soup kitchens for orphaned children. We aim to alleviate poverty and empower rural women to do hand work so that they can support their families, provide counselling and care to patients living with HIV/Aids as well as providing skills and training to youth in order to create job opportunities for the unemployed youth and women. 

This project aim to bring hope and future to women’s who are victims of abuse. In the previous rapid response cycle the organisation distributed sanitary towels and food parcels. Though the project was a success the organisation aims to learn from New Heritage Foundation on how to make their own reuseable pads for the women and girls. For sustainability the organisation aims to give out food parcels with seedlings so that families can start their own food gardens. The organisation will also help community members register for the vaccine on the online government portal.