The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex population experience poor health outcomes compared to their cisgender and heterosexual counterparts. Existing services focus mainly on physical health and neglect mental healthcare which is very crucial. LGBTI persons are vulnerable to depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse and suicide associated with stigma and discrimination from various sectors of community. In response to this, Queerwell was established to offer access to free and competent mental health care support to the LGBTI community through the provision of focus groups, safe spaces, stakeholder engagement, demand creation and increase in availability of psycho-social services.

The aim of the WVLSA project is to provide education and awareness around risks associated with COVID-19 and mental health, prevention of the virus, mental health management and access to mental health services, care and support to the vulnerable LGBTIQ+ people within South Africa. There has been a great increase in psychological disorders coming through due to the COVID-19 in marginalised communities and Queerwell would like to continue to offer quality mental health support, care, psychological assistance and therapy, as well as the awareness of mental health education and self care during the COVID-19.