Project Inmate was established as a response to the urgent need to address the scourge of gender-based violence through methods of interventions on rehabilitation and reintegration for the homeless, indigents, child and granny headed homes, sex workers, LGBTIAQs, human trafficking, stranded Foreign Nationals, potential current – former inmates, rape survivors, troubled teenagers, teenage mothers, domestic violence victims and violence affected schools. It is an initiative that continuously seeks to find solutions to turn communities in dispute into spaces of peace and proper conflict management.

A wide spread of communities in the slums of the Nelson Mandela Bay live in homes without access to electricity, water and sanitation. By virtue of being informal communities, municipality services do not reach them. This means that they have limited access to updated information on the dangers of COVID-19, and have limited access to health facilities . We firmly believe that this WVLSA awareness campaign will be easy to reach out to many people who are not fortunate to have access to information and coping strategies that would save them from contracting the pandemic.

Aims of the WVLSA project are:

  • Provision of useful and crucial information to indigent communities for curbing the deep effects of COVID-19.
  • Bridging the gap for poor homes through the supply of much needed food and protective personal gear.
  • Finding useful ways of closing the gap for communities without adequate water and sanitation during the COVID-19 infected season.
  • Ensuring minimizing infections as the winter season approaches South African communities.
  • Flattening the curve and keeping indigent communities safe from excessive COVID-19 infections