Life Savers Foundation was started in 2008 by a group of unemployed women from disadvantaged rural areas around Makuya trying to empower the communities to break the silence towards all forms of violence. The organisation was established to reduce and make the community aware of gender based violence. The organisation creates a supportive environment for the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, victims of HIV pandemic and poverty.

The WVL project aims to address Gender Based Violence that is continuing to grow in the crisis of the corona virus. Through this project, victims of any kind of GBV will be attended to so that they do not suffer more during the pandemic. We will provide the necessary support and care needed by the victims so that they can feel cared for. The rights of the women and children in these times are of utmost important so that they do not suffer from victimization, primary or secondary victimization. We aim to establish an enabling and supportive environment for victims and survivors of GBV who will be cared for in the pandemic.