South African volunteer organization ‘Let the Children Come Foundation’ overcomes socio-economic challenges and gender-based violence using performance art

The Litshani Vhana-Vha-De Foundation (Let the Children Come Foundation or LVVF) for disadvantaged children was established in 2009 by Bridgette Mamugubudi. Driven by a desire to create meaning out of personal losses and a wish to “give poor and vulnerable children a better life”, Bridgette quit her factory job, cashed in her small pension, and opened her home to orphans and vulnerable children.

LVVF provides welfare, early childhood development, primary healthcare, and after-school-care services to orphans, vulnerable children, and youth in the Thulamela municipality in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The Foundation supports approximately 150 children every day.

LVVF also runs a community library, a literacy program, a community sewing project, an environmental education and awareness program, various human rights awareness campaigns, and a community outreach program aimed at reducing gender-based violence (GBV), preventing HIV/AIDS transmission, and providing support to those already affected by these pandemics. The Foundation supports two soccer teams in the community and delivers food parcels and clothing to destitute families in the surrounding villages.

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