Friday, 9 December 2022

New Heritage Foundation will host a dialogue discussion with young women and men with key stakeholders around the changes that needs to happen for girls and women in disadvantaged communities to menstruate with dignity.

Incema  and 1in9 will host a dialogue aimed at ensuring that groups within the community as well as different communities within South Africa are recognised as Human first before being classified by their vulnerability. This 16 days closure program will allow dialogue on humanity, encourage the spirit of UBUNTU, as it is the day we commemorate international Human’s rights. address acceptance of diversity in ending GBVF in our communities. We wanted to address gender-based violence and femicide from an intersectional approach to our oppressions as a diverse people. We want to begin to bridge the gaps caused by the capitalistic patriarchal system that separates us based on gender, class, sexual orientation, age, spirituality, religion and culture.


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