Friday 25 November 2022

Lesedi la Setjhaba will organise a march to the court for women victims of GBV together with stakeholders that were trained on issues of GBV, Gender Inequality and Basic Counselling skills.  The march around the block creates awareness about the inception of 16 days of activism and the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women. The children of Eden Park have made pamphlets of No Violence, and these will hang at the entrance of the court.
There will be a dialogue on Justice and Psychosocial Services with the following stakeholders: Department of Justice, SAPS, Nyeku Academy, Butterfly Art project, Kasie FM, NICRO.


Poll questions:
People should be treated the same whether they are male or female
Families should spend less money on the education of daughters as on the education of sons.

Please take our attitudes survey   Read the Attitudes Survey report here.