The Archive: Amabali Wethu organisation and collective was started as a result of having a shared interest and inclination towards finding and using creative and innovative ways of advocacy and awareness-raising about the plight of marginalized groups in South Africa through the use of civic technology, multimedia and the arts.

The WVL project highlights the framework of how women for centuries have navigated violence and injustice. This project’s mission is to serve as a platform for women to positively express dissent on various themes i.e, Socio-political norms that perpetuate GBV. The platform created by the project will further endorse the idea of healing and solidarity through our personal collective journeys.

It will target any and every Black woman living in South Africa across different ages, nationality and culture, class, sexuality, disability to curate a digital archive to hold their contributions (essays, poetry, short stories, personalized quotes). The digital copy of this project once launched will reach a further thousands of women via its online platform eg website, Facebook, YouTube etc.