Lesedi la Setjhaba Family and Community Centre was established to respond to family disintegration problems, individual empowerment, mental wellness as well as community development, focusing on challenges and issues of poverty, inequality, gender-based violence injustices in the community.

The organisation aims to empower women who are victims of crime by providing psycho-social support through assessment, financial support, moral support, counselling, family intervention, referrals of children in such environments. The organisation also assists victims of GBV who are often women, who come from disadvantaged communities, to fill in the protection order application forms written in English which is a barrier to them. We also listen to their stories and write them in a way that is expected by the courts if they wish to take their cases to court.

The project aims to empower women victims of GBV and IPV to access justice through assessment, listening to their stories in a safe space, fill in the protection orders in English and in a way that will be admissible to court. To provide psychosocial services to these women by providing support that will entails advocacy, financial assistance for transport and referrals to shelters; also provide counselling as well as therapeutic Inner Healing workshops. It further intends to educate and challenge attitudes and patriarchal norms about Gender Inequality by engaging community members to change their behaviours, through the local radio station.