Call for Women Voice and Leadership Gender and Disability Applications

Grant Type Opening date Closing date Notification
MY Core – Gender and Disability 18 October 2021 19 November 2021 15 January 2022
Minimum amount Maximum amount Duration minimum Duration maximum
R300,000 R600,000 Nine months One year

Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) focusing on enhancing the rights of persons with disability in South Africa are invited to apply for funding under the Women Voice and Leadership South Africa Fund (WVL – SA). This funding window is open from 18 October to 5pm South Africa time on 19 November 2021. The minimum amount available for the Gender and Disability Grants is R300,000 and the maximum amount is R600,000. These grants are available for a period of nine months to one year under the WVL-SA Multi – year core grant category from January 2022 to December 2022.

The Women Voice and Leadership South Africa Fund (WVL-SA) is funded by the Government of Canada and the grant is managed by Gender Links through the Gender Links Sustainability Hub portfolio. This initiative arises from Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) addressing six action areas: i) promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; ii) human dignity; iii) growth that works for everyone; iv) environment and climate action; v) inclusive governance; vi) peace and security. This Core funding is aimed at building the capacity of community based WROs to be able to secure long – term partnerships, support core administrative functions and new or on – going programmes. These programmes include service provision, awareness raising and advocacy, feminist research, policy dialogue and consultation with governments and civil society organisations.

Through this grant the WVL-SA fund proposes to support persons with disabilities raise their voices, be visible and influence decisions where policies, budgets and laws are developed. We strive to promote leadership of persons with disabilities and see them drive the agenda at community, provincial and national level. The increased enjoyment of equal rights and opportunities of persons with disability is key to the WVL-SA funds as, women with disabilities are often among the most vulnerable and marginalised groups lacking access to education, meaningful employment, health services, adequate food and clean water to drink.

Focus areas that can be considered under this disability rights advocacy funding include but are not restricted to:

  • Health and wellbeing: improved access to health care by women with disabilities;
  • Inclusiveness of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights to women and girls with disability;
  • Education: Advancing the rights or improved access to education for children with special needs (hearing impairments, deafness and blindness, etc.);
  • Support to women and girls with disabilities subject to Sexual and Gender Based Violence;
  • Increased political participation of persons with disabilities;
  • Improved access to public information;
  • Work and economic empowerment for persons with disability;
  • Better access to justice for persons with disability;
  • Paid and unpaid care work by women carers of persons with disability
To be successful grant proposals must demonstrate that the action is at least one of the following:

  • A strategic action that promotes women’s rights and gender equality for persons with disability;
  • An innovative initiative that addresses a critical systemic challenge related to disability.
  • A critical intervention that facilitates wider change related to disability.
  • An initiative led by persons with disability.
  • In the case of a new organisation, the funds may serve as an incubation function, helping a promising start-up organisation focusing on gender and disability to find its feet.
  • For the grant, you must first fill out the eligibility form to see if you are eligible for the grant.
  • If you are eligible, you will receive a link to register for the Full Application.
  • All grants are subject to an online/onsite due diligence before the award is made.
  • Please note that all applications are done online.

Please read through these questions and responses to familiarise yourself with the process.

For all your queries and additional support please fill in the form here. We will respond to your query within 5 – 7 days.

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