Women across Borders was started as a response to the 2008 xenophobic attacks targeting refugees and immigrants living in South Africa. We responded with a mission to support refugee women and girls as the most affected during the attacks and making sure that their rights are observed but more so that they understand their rights and find a way to integrate into their society. We first responded to the xenophobic crisis by distributing food and essential items to refugee women and girls and then afterwards established projects in literacy and skills development.

Our organisation and project is aimed at minimizing woman’s risks in becoming more vulnerable and prone to violence as they can no longer provide for their children and themselves. We also act as a catalyst and support system for refugee women who might feel lonely and abandoned at this time.

The WVLSA project will respond to the immediate needs of refugee women and their children during this COVID-19 pandemic. Most of our beneficiaries are informal and street traders who rely on daily earnings to live and provide meals for their families. They also depend on their income to pay rent for their homes and shelter. Our project will help refugee women continue to be able to feed their children and also minimize their risk of being thrown on the streets due to rentals costs by subsidizing a part of their rent and shelter costs.