Mankweng Community Law Advice Office is a Non-Profit Organization established in 2009 and was duly registered with the Department of Social Development in August 2010. Mankweng Community Law Advice office renders human rights services, with special focus on domestic violence, gender-based violence, children and women’s rights, HIV/AIDS and outh empowerment. Mankweng Community Law Advice Office provides consultation, mediation and support on Labour Relations, Grants, Civil Claims, Dispute resolutions, poverty alleviation projects and HIV/AIDS-related issues, provides education on human rights and free legal advice. It targets women and children, people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, refugees, farmworkers and elderly people amongst others.

The project is aimed at ensuring a high level of public understanding and awareness on COVID-19 vaccines. We want to make sure that all the myths and conspiracy theories about vaccines are dispelled so that the public is able to make an informed decision regarding covid-19 vaccines. We will also be involved in ensuring equal access to the vaccines by the communities.