BohiKZN offers HIV/AIDS prevention programs among High Schools students and youths in communities in order to combat the epidemic. The organisation aims to educate women and girls about their rights and to advocate for them and offers counselling to young women from the ages of 13-24 years.

This WVL project will provide psychosocial support for women and girls. The programme is designed with the girl-child in mind and the challenges posed by the global pandemic COVID-19. Currently South Africa has implemented a national lock-down with all movement of non-essential personnel being restricted. So what happens to the girl child who is now forced to be at home and away from the schooling support system? There are immense psychosocial challenges that face the  young women we work with, whether through possible exposure to abuse, lack of psychosocial support and the real challenges of unemployment which means some homes cannot provide the basic needs like food and sadly adequate shelter.

The project aims to mobilise women’s organisations at community level to ensure that public health education messages on risk and prevention strategies are reaching all women (including through community radio, the use of technology etc.).\

The utimate goal is to have young women that are pschologically healthy, confident and able to express their rights freely without fear of being abused or victimised.