WVL-SA provides three Grant opportunities to strengthen women’s rights organisations (WROs) in South Africa. These are Multi-year Core GrantsNetworking & Alliance Building Grants and Rapid Response Grants.

General Eligibility Criteria

Eligible WROs will be:

  • Based on feminist principles and must explicitly include gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in their mandate and programming.
  • Demonstrate capacity/ability to collaborate with other WROs to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.
  • Have an Executive Director/Head and 80% of the people in all decision-making levels (management and governing board, if one exists) who are women. At least 60% of the staff must be women.
  • Applications will be accepted from networks of WROs, which may include feminist, women-led groups that are not registered, do not have three years of experience and/or are less experienced in terms of financial management and technical capacity but are willing to take steps to strengthen these areas of their work.

Non-Eligible Applicants:

The following is a list of entities that are ineligible for WVL Grants;

  • Individuals representing personal interest that does not benefit the greater community.
  • Political parties.
  • Government institutions.
  • Faith-based organisations whose objectives are discriminatory and/or serve religious purposes, and/or whose main objective of the grant is of a religious nature.

Eligible Activities:

Include, but are not limited to WROs working to promote women’s and girl empowerment in following areas Constitutional and Legal Rights, Governance, Education, Economic Justice, GBV, SRHR, Health, HIV and AIDS, Media and Climate Change.

Non-Eligible Activities:

Activities and costs that are ineligible for grant funding include, but are not limited to;

  • Creation of endowments (Note: financing of loan portfolios is not an endowment).
  • Any previous obligations by Gender Links to the beneficiary.
  • Bad debts of the Grantee.
  • Fines imposed on the Grantee.
  • Penalties imposed on the Grantee.
  • Any expenses related to ceremonies, parties, and celebrations.
  • Purchase of any goods restricted and prohibited under Gender Links regulations such as alcoholic beverages.
  • Purchase of surveillance equipment, military equipment or arms whether new or surplus, police or law enforcement equipment, abortion equipment and services, weather modification equipment, luxury goods and gambling equipment.
  • Purchase of goods from prohibited sources.
  • Expenses related to purchases or activities which are illegal under South African law.
  • Promotion of political parties, religion, or commercial interests.
  • Payments made to government employees.


Multi-year core grants

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Networking & Alliance grants

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Rapid response grants

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