Agenda Feminist Media – During the struggle against apartheid, young women started South Africa’s first feminist journal in a society where patriarchy was the order of the day. Agenda, the journal became their tool. Through workshops, forums and debates the issue of the position of women in society was firmly put on the political agenda. Democracy and women’s rights became two sides of the same coin and mobilized people all over the world to come on board with the struggle against the political system in South Africa.

Sisonke is a national movement of sex workers, established in 2003. The movement builds solidarity among sex workers through recruitment for membership and advocating for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Africa, the recognition of sex work as work, equal access to health services and human rights.

One-in-nine Campaign was formed in 2006 as South African collective of organisations and individuals motivated by feminist principles and the desire to live in a society where women are the agents of their own lives. The Campaign supports survivors of sexual violence – those who report the crimes to the police and choose to engage the criminal justice system as well as those who choose not to or are unable to report their rapes. One-in-nine offers feminist political education.

South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID) provide a platform for ongoing dialogue on issues of national, regional, continental and international importance.  Through dialogues, they seek to establish a common agenda for the development of women and to ensure that women’s views are taken into consideration whenever decisions are taken on all issues that impact on our lives. SAWID emphasise the importance of family as the smallest and most central unit of development for the management of our planet. They work to nurture the eco-system in which women live with insights from African feminism, and to empower women to use their collective knowledge, wisdom and leadership to become the agents of their own development.