How can I stay up-to-date with news from WVL-SA?2020-01-07T11:29:03+00:00

You can stay up to date by following our social media pages and our blogs on the WVL-SA website page.

When should I apply?2020-01-07T11:12:44+00:00

As soon as the Calls for Concept Notes are open you should apply and submit your concept note. Always look out for Calls on www.wvlsa.org.za

How can WROs apply for funding?2020-01-18T09:05:44+00:00

Organisations should apply online via the WVL website on http://www.wvlsa.org.za/

There are three different Grant Calls from which to apply. These are Multi-Year Core Grants, Rapid Response Grants, Networking and Alliance Building Grants.

  • Rapid Response Grants: Requires the Full Application can be submitted in the first instance.
  • Alliance and Networking Grants: Requires a Concept note first, then only shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit the Full Application.
  • Multi- Year Core Grants: Concept note, then selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application form

Please note that Grantees will be supported in completing online Applications in all the Provinces.  Prior Notification will be circulated on the dates that the WVL Project Team will be in the respective Provinces offering support with online submission.

What is WVL-SA?2020-01-07T10:42:29+00:00

WVL-SA is a fund to ensure the increased enjoyment of human rights by women and girls, and the advancement of gender equality in South Africa.

Do we need to acknowledge the WVL-SA grants?2020-01-07T11:27:44+00:00

Yes, you will need to acknowledge the grant and ensure that all WVL-SA activities funded by WVL-SA contain the WVL-SA logo on all the promotional materials.

Who is eligible for funding?2020-01-07T10:51:07+00:00

The following types of entities, subject to having legal standing for operating in South Africa, and to having reasonable and relevant experience, are eligible to apply for WVL Grants;

  • Women’s movement-networks/coalitions/alliances at both national and local levels.
  • Women’s organisations at both national and local levels.
  • Women’s groups based in local communities (Community Based Organisations).
  • Community leaders (activists and organisers) at both national and local levels with reasonable experience and proven track record.

*NB:  Dual funding is not permitted for the same activity and programme.

If our organisation is not registered can we apply?2020-01-07T11:31:20+00:00

Yes, you can apply.  However, you need to be willing to register within 3 months of receiving the grant.

What does WVL do?2020-01-08T07:57:25+00:00

WVL supports financially women’s organisations and movements that seeks to empower women and girls and advance the protection of women’s and girls’ rights.

Who is not eligible for funding?2020-01-08T09:33:41+00:00

The following is a list of entities that are ineligible for WVL Grants;

  • Individuals representing personal interest that does not benefit the greater community.
  • Political parties.
  • Government institutions.
  • Faith-based organisations whose objectives are discriminatory and/or serve religious purposes, and/or whose main objective of the grant is of a religious nature.
If our organisation does not have a bank account can we apply?2020-01-07T11:32:22+00:00

Yes, you can apply.  However, you need to be willing to open a bank account within 3 months of receiving the grant.

The system said I am not eligible but I am based in South Africa and working on the WVL-SA themes.2020-01-08T09:33:58+00:00

The eligibility guidance for each grant type can be found on the WVL-SA website and should answer your query about why you are not eligible. If you have made a mistake during your eligibility check and would like to begin another one, please start the process again with a different name. 

Can I talk to someone about my project?2020-01-08T07:58:23+00:00

Yes you can talk to the Grants Coordinator on the email grants@genderlinks.org.za or phone 011 029 0006/011 028 2410

If WVL-SA ‘follows’ or ‘likes’ a group on social media, does this mean this group will have a better chance of receiving funding?2020-01-07T11:29:51+00:00

No WVL ‘follows’ and ‘likes’ organisations that are doing similar work to which the fund is funding.

After applying, how long does it take to receive feedback on my application?2020-01-07T11:42:10+00:00

Depending on the number of applications received, the WVL-SA team will do their best to ensure that responses to applications are done within one month.  Thereafter you can expect to receive notification on the status of your application.

Does WVL-SA have a monitoring and evaluation system in place to monitor the implementation of the funds they give out?2020-01-07T11:33:10+00:00

Yes, WVL has an M and E system to monitor the funds that they give out.

Can WVL-SA alter their eligibility criteria, to allow my organisation to apply – is this possible?2020-01-08T09:34:25+00:00

Eligibility criteria are reviewed regularly and as such we cannot alter these in response to individual requests. Our Rapid Response and Networking & Alliance Building Grants have the widest Eligibility Criteria.

How do grantees find you?2020-01-08T07:59:31+00:00

Grantees find us on http://www.wvlsa.org.za/

What if our work covers more than one province?2020-01-07T11:34:00+00:00

You may be eligible to apply for Networking and Alliance Building grant

What happens to my application once it is submitted to WVL-SA?2020-01-07T11:51:10+00:00

Your application will go to the WVL-SA team for assessment and shortlisting, after the internal shortlist the Grants Selection Committee scores the applications online. Once the scoring is complete the WVL-SA team will communicate with your organisation on the outcome of your application.

What types of costs will WVL-SA fund?2020-01-08T09:34:50+00:00

Eligible activities include, but are not limited to WROs working to promote women’s and girl empowerment in following areas:
Constitutional and Legal Rights, Governance, Education, Economic Justice, GBV, SRHR, Health, HIV and AIDS, Media and Climate Change.

What happens should we wish to amend our project once a grant has been awarded?2020-01-07T11:35:04+00:00

A written request with motivation will need to be submitted to the WVL-SA team clearly stating the reasons for the requested amendment. The request will be reviewed by the Grants Selection Committee for final approval.

Can I submit an application in my own format?2020-01-18T09:09:36+00:00

No you cannot.  All Applications will be done through the online platform accessible via the WVL-SA website.  A framework is provided.  No typed or hand written Applications will be accepted. In keeping with our commitment that IT should not be a barrier, the WVL Project Team will be visiting all the Province providing onsite support to Grantees with online submission processes.  Dates and schedule will be circulated ahead of time.

The online application process is easy to use and will automatically save your application as you fill in your details. You can also revisit your application as many times as you wish prior to submitting the application. Once you are satisfied with your completed application, all you have to do is submit it.

What doesn’t WVL-SA fund?2020-01-08T09:35:04+00:00

Activities and costs that are ineligible for grant funding include, but are not limited to;

  • Creation of endowments (Note: financing of loan portfolios is not an endowment).
  • Any previous obligations by Gender Links to the beneficiary.
  • Bad debts of the Grantee.
  • Fines imposed on the Grantee.
  • Penalties imposed on the Grantee.
  • Any expenses related to ceremonies, parties, and celebrations.
  • Purchase of any goods restricted and prohibited under Gender Links regulations such as alcoholic beverages.
  • Purchase of surveillance equipment, military equipment or arms whether new or surplus, police or law enforcement equipment, abortion equipment and services, weather modification equipment, luxury goods and gambling equipment.
  • Purchase of goods from prohibited sources.
  • Expenses related to purchases or activities which are illegal under South African law.
  • Promotion of political parties, religion, or commercial interests.
  • Payments made to government employees.
Do we need to have our financial statements audited?2020-01-07T11:36:37+00:00

No you do not need to have your financial statements audited however your bank statement must have a bank stamp on it which is not more than three months old.

Do we need to register each time we want to apply?2020-01-07T11:53:40+00:00

Applicants do not need to register each time they wish to apply for support. However, applicants are required to submit a new Concept Note/Full Application for each funding round. Previous applications will not automatically be considered in a new funding round.

What if we do not have all the supporting information?2020-01-08T09:35:21+00:00

Each organisation needs to go through the online eligibility application to see if they qualify to apply across the three different Grants.

What will we need to report on if we receive a grant?2020-01-07T11:55:25+00:00

The grantees are expected to submit a narrative report and a finance report every six months for the duration of the grant. Reporting will be online on the WVL-SA website.


Can I submit a video for my application?2020-01-07T11:54:43+00:00

You are required to complete the online forms available. Visual and audio visual materials are welcome as supporting documents.

Which internet browser should I use for online aplications?2020-01-07T11:56:02+00:00

The system will function on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. The fastest and smoothest experience will be on either Google Chrome or Firefox, however, the Application form will function on all three.


Can I stay logged in and be inactive for long periods of time?2020-01-07T11:58:46+00:00

The system will automatically log you out after a while if you are inactive (for example, if you are logged in for over an hour without using the system).

Can I log in via more than one internet window?2020-01-18T09:14:17+00:00

No you may not. We encourage you to log in via one internet window, otherwise you risk losing content that you have already uploaded.

How do I reset my password?2020-01-08T09:17:57+00:00

If you forget your password, the login section of the website contains a ‘forgot your password?’ link through which applicants are able to reset your password.

Can I apply in any languages other than English?2020-01-07T12:06:02+00:00

We only accept applications written in English.

Will Applicants get support / help with Online Application processes?2020-01-20T18:04:43+00:00

Yes. In keeping with our commitment that IT should not be a barrier, Grantees will be supported in completing and uploading online Applications in all the Provinces.  Prior Notification will be circulated on the dates that the WVL Project Team will be in the respective Provinces offering support with online submission, including the Venues.  A schedule is available on the WVL Page.