Helping the nameless for their protection

“Education is the key to success, always”

One of our clients who was aged 26 at the time of arrival, a mother of two young daughters both under the age of 5. The mother and her children were accommodated at the shelter for over one year. The client’s period of stay was extended due to her continued efforts to better her life. The mother attended various skills development programs offered by Nisaa and other stakeholders.

Her eldest daughter aged 4 at the time had not been attending pre-school. She had not been exposed to any formal educational programs. We noticed that she was a bright young girl. Facilitators of the children’s program gave much effort to educating and empowering the young girl. Whilst her mother made efforts to job search, attend skills development programs and stay committed to her therapeutic counselling sessions, the young girl and her sibling along with other children at the shelter attended the children’s program.

At the time of exit from the shelter, the young girl was able to comprehend basic literacy and had an improved vocabulary. Upon doing the three months follow up check on the family, we were pleased to hear our bright young student was accepted to start first grade of school. We were thrilled to find out that our efforts in trying to assist the children at the shelter with educational programs paid off.