Its only when I knew I was not alone

“No words are enough to share how grateful I am for the support you gave me when I experienced an attempted rape tragedy. Incema believed in me when very few did. My family, friends and neighbours were confused and not sure what to believe. Because of you I regained strength to and ready to proceed with the case”

I am Zanele Shange and on 26 November 2020 I was almost raped at the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism. I reported the attempted rape to the police after which I reported to my ward councillor Mlungisi Zondi and my traditional leader Mthokozisi Shange who guided me on the processes and then told me that after the workshops dialogues they attended from Incema they think I should consult Thenjiwe Ngcobo from Incema for assistance.

Mlungisi Zondi reported the Incema with the concern that the perpetrator was arrested and released without the victim, family or community being informed of what was happened.

After this the councillor held a programme where he informed the community that they will establish an educational program to address issues of gender based violence.

Incema helped with the case and a follow up was done where information was gathered and the police commander had to make sure that feedback is given to the victim as soon as possible. Within 24 hours the case was followed up and feedback was given to the victim.

Incema worked with the community structures to organise an educational program which was a huge success. “Seeing Mrs Ngcobo in the program gave me hope, she explained all the processes that should be followed, service to be received and further guided me on further processes I should follow.”

“It is still early and I am still receiving counselling but I can see progress. I now understand processes to be followed to make sure that the case is not disturbed, with Incema holding my hands, giving me all the support, I am confident that I will survive the court process. I would like to thank Incema team for all the support”