“To be part of Vulamehlo Project makes made me realise that if you want to help someone with a problem, you able to listen without judging.”

I am women with 3 children I staying with my partner with my kids but my homestead it’s not far where I stay, so it easy to visit or hear what happening in my family.

Being part of Vulamehlo project, it helps me a lot because from now on I am able to sort my own problems properly like now I can talk to my partner with any issues in a way that we are able to discuss it and find solution together without fight compare to the other times.

I can now help others to help themselves to sort out their own problems because I am able to engage with others .I learned from Vulamehlo by listening so now I can listen carefully with no judgment and I am able to help people find their own solutions, I understand that rushing to solve people’s problem you not helping the person at all.

I have my friend who struggle to payback loan in savings group I sit-down with her, tell her how she sort-out her problems, what to do in order to pay back.