Inner Healing Women Victims of GBV Therapeutic and Empowerment Workshop

Lesedi La Setjhaba presentation of this workshop has helped me see things differently, motivated and encouraged me to live my true life and stay true to myself. I can now see life the way it is. The challenges that women face have been highlighted that often make us suppress our emotions. This will help me change the thinking of blaming me and thinking there is something wrong with me.

The profile of abuser and cycle of abuse highlighted the pattern the abuser use, but the workshop is not judging me for having stayed in an abusive relationship, rather highlighted I might have stayed because of humanity, because I hoped and had faith he would change. It motivated me to make decisions for me, to protect the younger, inner child who has been hurt for so long.

In my new journey, I am going to use whatever I have lost such as trust, forgiving myself, taking charge about my life and I feel healed. It was a good presentation, especially to us who are born broken inside.

I will apply what I have learned to other people, not only to my situation and encourage others to attend counselling.