Hair Business

“Ask me about my business now you’ll hear all the passion and hard work”

It was in 2019 when I saw The Q Networq on the socials and I thought this is something I would really like to be a part of but I had missed the first summit but I made sure that I kept an eye on their second business summit, which I almost missed but managed to secure a seat.

It was the first time I sat in a space where people where pitching their businesses. I caught the business pitching activities a little late so I could only follow from the side but I was greatly impressed with what I was seeing and being in a space with such remarkable woman in business blew me away – it was exactly what I needed.

My highlight was Neferu hair winning and I was thoroughly impressed. The following year I made sure I joined the business pitching competition – that is where I learned the business language and how to sell my product and most importantly, my confidence in what I was doing grew. Ask me about my business now you will hear all the passion and hard work. I am grateful to The Q Networq for my growth as a business.