“TOFYWD is just what I needed to step into the right direction towards a bright future.”

Thobile learnt about TOFYWD via Facebook. When asked to talk about herself she listed all the problems she had faced right from her childhood to present day. It was difficult for her to separate herself from the hardships she has experienced. Through the TOFYWD psychotherapy department she underwent counselling. A young enthusiastic woman, full of life, full of energy and very positive about life emerged.

“TOFYWD has been just what I needed to step into the right direction in my life. I am currently part of the organisation’s resources mobilising department. Some of my responsibilities include searching for funding calls and putting together the application. I have enjoyed being part of the TOFYWD family. I call it a family because it’s not just work oriented but looks after the emotional wellbeing of everyone who encounters it. A safe space has been created where we are all free to share our worries get advice and help when necessary. Ever since I joined TOFYWD I have never felt alone.”

Thobile says she now has something to look forward to daily. “I believe that I am part of something great. The organisation strives to do better and bring change. Before I became part of TOFYWD, my mornings were empty but now am more fulfilled. The management at TOFYWD has been a great support to me, they offer services out of love, despite the organisation being new with very little funding. I have learnt that life is not just about monetary benefits. Putting a smile on another’s face, showing a little kindness will give you joy and a hope for the future something I had lost. I did not have the zeal to live but today I have embraced the knowledge that my problems are not bigger than everyone else. I learnt that being kind can save a life, it saved mine and I will save others too.

I am grateful for my mother and my best friend who have encouraged me in this journey with TOFYWD. I am also proud of myself for holding on and reaching out for help. It was not an easy road but am getting somewhere using what I must start the journey to a bright future. Now I am more open and direct in my approach and I have gained a lot of selfesteem. People close to me like my mother have mentioned how confident and bold I have become. Her prayer for me and TOFYWD is just one successful fund application that will boost my confidence and give me a fresh start.

TOFYWD has been very generous to me as its volunteer. I have learnt a lot about technology and how it helps make life more organised. For example, we use for work assignments. We are always in the know of what is happening in the organisation. Technology is not my friend but with practice, am getting there “practice makes perfect.” I have also had a good experience with the Eyerus app for GBV prevention. I am now more relaxed and have less anxiety or panic attacks. Its like I have a personal bodyguard.

Today when asked to introduce myself I talk about Thobile who is hopeful and confident. I am now clear of what I want for me and my future. I want to grow as an individual, give hope to those who had lost it like me. I stayed in a dark place for a long time until TOFYWD stretched out to hold my hand. I hope to obtain qualifications in Business Management. I strive to be the best in the field. I want to own a restaurant or coffee shop and to be a household brand. I have started selling clothes but hope to expand and grow my business and have a boutique.”