What we know it’s important but who we are is far more important.

“Courrage encouraged me to keep chasing my dreams, I want to continue fighting.”

Courrage helped me to communicate with people, look for guidance when I need one and it encouraged me that I can be someone who brings change in my community.

I am a young man who want to tell his story to youth and elders to help motivate and encourage them to come forward and learn, heal and tell their own stories as well.

My first time attending Phola sessions I had mixed emotions I was scared and excited at the same time. Phola is an organisation that reach out to people in different communities to help them face their skeletons and heal and I was one of those people.

My life, my attitude and the way I do things. I can now make friends easily and I am happier now. If it wasn’t for Phola I wouldn’t be here, before Phola I had a lot of anger and bad attitude, I didn’t care about anyone but myself so I would behave recklessly.

Ausi Refilwe and Ausi Mokgadi, are both be proud of the young man I have become.

The most important skill I have gained since working with Phola is Respect, I am more grateful and I appreciate my family. And the fact that I live up to my goals and wish to see them come true. Family and Friends they always talk about how I am different lately.

I talk to the young ones most of the time and use my story as an example and how Phola came to my rescue and that my story should motivate them to be more driven. Appreciative and respectful. I want to be a waiter or a qualified psychologist. The only challenge I have is money to pursue my dreams and goals

Wish for Phola to grow and reaching young boys like me in different communities, change their negative thinking, bring back that hope that we easily loose focusing on anger and wrong things we see happening in our communities. Boys like me need direction, love, guidance and more of mentorship. I was privileged to be part of Phola and I wish everyone who has attended their sessions feels the same way.