Vulamehlo…open your eyes!

“When I hear the objective of Vulamehlo project, I took decision to join, and now I trust the space I able to share my concerns to the group, because this project came when I need it “

I am married woman with 3 children and granddaughters I’m staying with my husband, he is not working. Being part of the project has helped me a lot. I have dealt with a lot of issues in my homestead and in my marriage and my husband doesn’t like to speak much, he is like a person who keep quiet sometimes, even if he need to say something he just keep quiet.

So I feel like I have a heavy burden over my shoulder, but the programme is like my second home. It’s where I am able to talk about all my concerns and I learnt how to deal with my issues.

I was very stressed when my two daughters fell pregnant; especially because they are part of the Personal Growth group where they learn how to use contraceptives and health care facilities where they can access such medication. JAW has built a good relationship with clinics and I fully support the project even though it was difficult to deal with the pain. So when Vulamehlo introduced the project and the way they explained it, I decided to join.

When the program start running I trust the organisation so I start sharing my concerns openly to the group so that when I go back home after workshops I sit with my daughters and explain how I feel about them and their future because of their teenage pregnancy. I always emphasize that they must take responsibility of their children but I will support them.