Passion without resources

“Helping others for the greater good, doesn’t break you.”

Ngcobo works with vulnerable, abused, neglected and abandoned children. She does not only service children in her community but all over. She started working with only raped children by providing counselling and court support.

She currently stays with 10 children in her own home that have been placed by SAPS and other organisations. Some of the children have stayed with Ngcobo since primary school all the way through to tertiary level. They leave when they are independent enough do so. Some of the challenges she faces are that some of the children do not have proof of identities and she uses her own finances to ensure that they get birth certificates and identity documents.

When Ngcobo was interviewed and asked how she is able to take care of these children she said that she does not worry about what they will eat or wear, as long as they are safe and away from abuse fulfils her.

She has been receiving support from the churches, registered organisations and has been linked with the group of people from Canada who now sponsors her to ensure that the needs of the children are taken care of. She was also nominated by the community members to receive an Award from Amanzimtoti Trauma unit as one of the individuals whose work has changed so many lives in the community.

Ngcobos family have also been supportive towards this initiative. She works very closely with her mother as well who assists her in ensuring that the children are well taken care of when she is not available. Fortunately for her, her children as well are very much interested in their mother’s duties and responsibilities and understands them.

Ngcobo has become one of the person who is well known, from Umlazi, Folweni, Umbumbulu, Kwamakhutha, Ezimangweni for the work she does. Towards the end of 2021 there was a child who stayed with his grandmother, the grandmother used to tie up the child like a dog when she would leave the house. The child was dirty and starved. This cruelty carried on until the community intervened and called SAPS. When SAPS arrived, they arrested the woman, the Kwamakhutha station commander himself contacted Ngcobo, and the child was placed with her. The child is now in school.

Ngcobo has done counselling training, focusing mostly on play therapy to be able to provide professional support to her children. She is registered as a crisis mother.