Sanelisiwe Dlamini is a third-year community development student at the Howard College campus of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. I was assigned the task of looking for community based organizations and gathering information about how those organizations help the communities with which they work, so I chose Incema to volunteer for 5 days as part of the community-based learning module that I am completing. The main reason for working with the Incema organization was to gain experience in community development through participation in Incema initiatives. I appreciate Incema’s assistance and support in allowing me to improve my learning experience.

I have learned a lot from the Incema organization’s programs that assist communities in dealing with social issues such as crime and sexual abuse. Their programs are very informative and educational. I first attended their 5th annual Men & Boys Behavioral Change Program, which provides an opportunity for young boys to develop more satisfying relationships, learn non-abusive behavior, develop a caring respect for themselves and others, and develop responsibility for their own actions. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by the Incema NPO.