Challenges in womens rights work

We need provisions to be made for technical services for rural organisations”.

I am a qualified psychologist. I volunteered for SADAG in 2019, offering my skills in the field of training and development.

I worked with youth from the DRC and did about five sessions with youth. Focusing on Leadership. Courses were done on Saturdays. Challenge was language and extremely poor time keeping. The youth were not grouped according to age eg 13yr olds were in the same group as 16/17/18yr old. Level of intellect differed.

While the youth enjoyed the exercises they perhaps didn’t take it seriously nor understand what impact it can have on one’s lives. I watered it down to accommodate the needs of the group. There was extremely poor communication because the youth did not have WiFi or data. I raised a solution to this problem repeatedly as I have prior experience dealing with this issue.

Due to COVID19 the full designed course was not completed and a certificate of completion/ attendance could not be awarded. I also helped set up the woman’s sewing project – sourced materials and sewing machines. Again COVID19 interrupted and I wasn’t kept in the loop of progress except to note that the sewing project received an award.

I designed a Facilitator Training course in 2021. Unfortunately there was no take up of this offer. I also made input in the School Peer Education and Dept of Health training program. Not sure if it has been implemented. I fully understand the impact COVID19 has had on implementation of many projects. I don’t have any future plans with SADAG except that if my skill and expertise is required in a specific area I can help depending of course on my own schedule.