What I had learned about me but wish I did at an early age.

“Courrage taught me it is ok not to be ok, the courrage to talk freely with other women as we learn from each other, I learnt to forgive and refocus on my dreams and wishes.

Reginah Somo is an amazing energetic woman with positive attitude towards other people, always hungry for knowledge, full of energy and very positive about life. Reginah attended courage sessions with Phola. She participated in 12 sessions facilitated by Phola Facilitators and psychologist. And awaiting to Graduate soon.

Phola has been a home of hope for me, which has made me a person I am today, I have learnt to appreciate myself more and the people around me, the joy of knowing that I live beyond what I have experience puts me at ease.

I started doing Tree of Life Methodology with Phola where they helped me know who I am, my roots, my skills and knowledge’s this learning experience made me want more from Phola it made me realised how hungry I was to know and understand me and I never stopped talking about Phola weather with my family, friends, or people I come across the confidence I gained only in one day about myself was amazing.

The level of my thinking has changed a lot. I now have friends with positive attitude towards me, because I am fighting to pursue my dreams.

It is because of my Courrage book I have become a good friend to the Lion Park Primary School Principal Letlhokwa who is now helping me become a grade 1 teacher.

Refilwe and Mokgadi I believe they will be both happy and very proud of me that I am pursuing my dreams sharing my Courrage experience with other people.

Self Confidence and to be my own boss. Principal Letlhokwa and my older sister they have been very supportive in helping and guiding me become a grade 1 teacher and it is because of my courrage book.

I would say my older sister I have never seen or thought of her as a person who can help me before we were not that close. She is very well she is proud of me.

I am no longer that hopeless women sitting around and doing nothing. Some women came and asked me where do I draw my confidence from, I told them Phola healed me. I therefore reminded them how they didn’t take me seriously when I said let’s go to Pastor Zolile’s church every Thursday.

By sharing my Courrage book with the principal and her taking pictures of my book being driven by the excitement that there are organisations like Phola helping people like me and him sharing the book with other teachers because they are also taken away by the art and the way our stories are being told in that book.

Knowledge and Financial support and it helped to forgive my sister because she is one of the people helping me today and also the people, I was referred to by Refilwe and Mokgadi

My future plans are to get the right qualification in order for me to continue building my own pre-school and creating jobs for other people. ,To be the grade 1 teacher, To join the Phola team and be their champion sharing my experience on the journey I had through courrage with other women and also learn more.

Thank you to Phola and the team for fruit of life you have given me, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.