Being a good boy, to being a good man

“If change one person, you can change a family and the family can change some community members.”

I’m Lindelani Sikhakhane, known as Ntuthuko. This is the story of my life with JAW.

I’ve been a good boy, who is full of respect and loyal since I was raised under my grandmothers’ hand, my mother and my father break up, so situation forces me to live with her, but I’m not complaining she raise me very well before she passed away in 2017.

I’m a multi-talented young boy. I’m good in singing, acting and poetry. I only realised that from 2014, when I join the group called Siyabeseka, a project under Justice and Women.

Here we did a lot of activities, which raised me a lot: I was part of dance, poetry and singing. We did role plays about GBV in the community using music. I was also part of the parenting project where youth and parents come together to discuss their concerns. Here before we come together we had individual meetings, youth on the own and parents on their own, then we come together. It was powerful because we don’t have time as youth and parents to talk together about our concerns. Before this parents talk at us, when we try to tell them what we feel they become angry, so the JAW space providing us with that opportunity.

I learn a lot in these projects: Yes I done some mistake as young person but deep down there is something telling me that, I have people who told me everything I need to know, so I need to change my ways and I feel guilty if they hear what I’ve done, that they would be disappointed, so I correct my mistakes.

In this Vulamehlo project, I learn more about change: If change one person, you can change a family and the family can change some community members. I learn types of power which is Power over, power with, power to and power within but all important but I like more, power within, because other time I feel like stuck but power within it a wake call to me. As we talk just now I’m a part time actor in KwaMashu in a project called K-CAP, so I see more opportunities to learn more in these projects.

Thanks to JAW for being a mother and father to me. I appreciate the opportunity you gave me.