“Forever grateful”

I am Nondumiso Ngcobo Felli, the executive director of the Richmond Day Care Centre based in Richmond in Kwazulu-Natal. I met Thenjiwe Ngcobo, the director of Incema through Civil Society Forum and I listen to the work she is doing and I started following her on her organization’s page.

I have found Thenjiwe and her organization very unique, because she is fighting the pandemic of GBV but they don’t only focus on the victims but also, they also groom boys to become responsible men and to be drivers of change and to me that make them unique because most of the NGO only focus on girls.

They conduct behavioural change programmes through education and counselling.

They are also more focused on social crime prevention programmes. The launch of women and girls program called “SHE CAN” was an inspiration.

She managed to mobilize more men and boys to become the change makers in the issue of GBV. She demonstrates good leadership skills to everyone, as the NPO’s that are still growing she is a very good example and an easily person to speak to.

I would say I have benchmarked a lot on her organization because of the leadership skills she has.

Judging from the staff that she has and the programmes that they do I would say gender equality is their life. I am looking forward into making a formal collaboration with the Incema NPO.