he star of the Programme : a shining example of the potential of the programme

“I have been part of a few programmes within my community, but none of them offers what Sasopsbiz PGEEP. The economic empowerment aspect is usually neglected. How can you guys replicate this programme throughout the Province especially in rural areas.”

Nomvuyo joined the programme at the beginning, but was very laid and we could not identify her potential. She used to attend and then rush back to her father’s shop which did not give us enough time to know her initially. However, her star began to shine in the weeks preceding the competition. She was so enthused about the competition, she came to the office to have meetings before and of course she became our first winner of the business pitching competition. She has attended most of our workshops. She became part of the learnership programme organised by the Foundation. She also became a peer educator where she is excelling in the work that she is doing with young women.

“I am so excited, I am now working and got my second raise at the beginning of the year. I have to thank the PGEEP programme for instilling the belief in myself. Initially my dad was reluctant to allow me to go to the programme as I had to look after the shop, but he ended being the one supporting me as he saw the change in me “

She is a Founder of a Creche based at KwaNxamalala which is still under construction. She is a Hugs Peer Educator with a group in KwaNxamalala as well as the community youth development worker and has facilitated Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights based themes on social media. She was the winner of the Sasopsbiz Business pitching competition and was nominated and won the MTV Shuga Stay Alive Foundation Peer Educator of the year Award in SA.

Nomvuyo has facilitated Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights based themes in the form of short video clips shared on social media, online conversations themes on rape, HIV, Abortion, Teen Pregnancy & Sexuality. In her work with Sasopsbiz, Nomvuyo did not just meet the required numbers, but she excelled. She was able to create a safe space for her Facebook followers and brought about a positive influence to youth.

In the Hugs Peer Education programme, the main themes are economic empowerment and personal development. She has facilitated peer education and support sessions with about 10 youth from her area. On her own initiative increased the number to 20 and raised funding for a baking class for her peers.The programme has impacted her in various ways which include the following:

  • Improved her business knowledge
  • Improved her leadership skills
  • She has won the business pitching competition at Sasopsbiz and the money was invested in the creche
  • She is now part of a learnership programme with FoodBev
  • She is a Peer educator who is changing lives of youth in her community
  • She has been assisted with her taxes and funding application
  • She has been assigned to a female mentor who is a business owner and Senior Manager