Change happens to us, but positive change is something we create by what we think, say and do.

“I believe that I’m a driver of change as I’m action-oriented, persistent and willing to put in more effort when setbacks are encountered and when projects are being implemented”

Nadia has been involved with KZNVAW for some years. She has been a Rapid Response Team Leader since the project began in 2019

“I believe that I’m a change driver as I’m action-oriented, persistent and willing to put in more effort when setbacks are encountered and when projects are being implemented”

I also believe in random acts of kindness which is the smallest things that can make you smile and believes that if you do something nice for someone, they will take that act of kindness and spread it out to people they come across through their day. It’s the smallest things that make the biggest differences just by letting people know you care.

Volunteerism plays a vital role in our communities because we can achieve significant milestones when we unite together to accomplish shared goals.

There is more to volunteering than giving of one’s time and resources. When you volunteer for an organisation you automatically get involved in community leadership and change initiatives

Volunteerism is also a meaningful way to establish trusted relationships. Volunteering in a particular area of interest is common where many people discover their passion while making a real difference in achieving, and even exceeding, shared goals.

My first volunteer role was with Wings of Love in 1998 – 2001 doing basic administration duties and assisting with their daily Soup Kitchen. In 2002 I joined the KZN Network where most of my experience and trainings on different projects that they partnered or was awarded to the KZN Network. I am currently with the KZN Network and Cookie Edwards who is the Executive Director has been my inspiration, Leader, Mentor and Boss who has shared best practises and expertise in her area of work as an Activist and Legend to all survivors and the GBVF sector over 30+ years and she is still advocating and campaigning to date.

I had the privilege of seeing the true value of Ubuntu and dedication to survivors through the KZN Network organization. Today, I continue to do work on an elevated level that builds capacity, increases knowledge, supports and assists survivors along with countless other individuals and organizations.

Gender Links has been dedicated over the last 2 years to improving the situation of vulnerable people by giving us as ground workers an opportunity to improve in service delivery with more resources that strengthen existing programs and to form Rapid Response Teams that will improve and have impact on the lives of many survivors of GBV.

“Our South African Government make the rules and rules matter. That’s why Building Healthy Communities is building the power and collaborative partnerships necessary to change the rules…Thank you for the partnership project between faith based (WWSOSA) & civil society (KZN Network) organisation so that we are able to change the rules in regard to advocating for stricter policies when it comes to the safety of survivors of gender based violence.

The partnership formed under Gender Links and has given us as Rapid Response Team Leaders an opportunity to change the way we think about gender based violence and why some people are afraid to seek assistance for GBV while a handful do and how best we can improve the process of servicing survivors and building relationships by networking with all key stakeholders and service providers that will ensure quality professional services for survivors.

Change happens to us, but positive change is something we create by what we think, say and do. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with Faith Based and civil society organisations that have created positive change in our Newlands East community where there is lack of resources.

Two years ago when KZN Network on VAW and WWSOSA partnered in a project to assist survivors of gender based violence (GBV) and strengthen organisations in the province by networking and building capacity focusing on different strategies aligning with the national strategic plan (NSP) pillars. This was a huge opportunity for me and I joined the project. The project has recruited me as a Rapid Response Team Leader for Newlands East which allowed me to bring in programs/workshops into the Newlands East community which have never been done before.

This partnership project gave me resources to strengthen the work that I was trying to do on a small scale which has now escalated into forming a Rapid Response Team for Newlands East with all key stakeholders with a vested interested in eradicating all forms of GBV and willing to work together to close all gaps on service delivery that will avoid secondary victimization and serve as a safety net for survivors of violence.