I cannot stand by and be silent

“I am an empowered woman who wants to make a difference in the lives of women and young girls. Sharing information – Knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

I started with the KZN Network years ago as an admin and learned the world of civil society from behind a desk. My experience came from communicating with strong activists in the field of GBV. I acquired skills in this period but also wanted to be in the field working in communities. I was given this opportunity and have never looked back.

I am an active Community Leader and with this project as a Rapid Response Team Leader (RRTL) it enhances me to assist survivors of GBV as I work in the community doing various activities and that is what makes me a Driver of change working towards a safe community for women and children with other service providers.

I have worked with the KZNVAW for a few years already, as an administrator. My work in the community as an RRTL has empowered me to assist survivors of GBV through providing moral support and referring to relevant services where needed. This was enabled through the various training workshops I have attended.

I am now more attentive to the needs of survivors as I have also experienced this in my marriage (now separated for years) and understand what survivors go through especially when there is no support. I was grateful to have family support when I needed it.

Being with the KZN Network and becoming empowered with knowledge has led me to be a strong person and how to handle issues. I was a very emotional person and blamed everyone for everything that went wrong but under their guidance I have learned to be responsible for my own actions and this made me a better person.

Our Project Manager shows tough love as she is firm and ensures that as a woman you can be strong and overcome challenges. She would always say “do what you do but always pay attention to the details”

Through this project I have a better relationship with my four sons as they are more comfortable speaking openly to me than before. My sons know the work I do in the community and have learned to cook and do household chores when I am busy in the community.

I am supported in the community for the work I do. I work closely with the Councillor, SAPS, Local Health Clinic, they refer survivors to me. This is also done through the GBV Information sessions and dialogues we do in the community targeting women and young girls.