In loving memory of Moukie Machelm

“Create a legacy, it outlives you”

Moukie Machelm is a 55 year old women who is a residesnt of Eerste River, she facilitated the bakery at Community Women in Action as she was a baker by trade. Despite her disability and circumstances she trained young women and youth at Community Women in Action two years. In her lifetime she faced various abuses during her period as a disabled woman, but found the courage and strength to transfer her skills to disadvantaged individuals and abused women within her community. Ms. Machelm also was passionate about training disabled persons and empowering them to strong individuals that can sustain themselves through their challenging sistuations.

The Rapid Response funding and Gender Links could provide her the opportunity to do what she loves best and that is to empower and create future entrepreneurs within the community. She trained these beneficiaries to know and understand what the baking industry requires from new bakers and also how to present quality products to customers. The training and support received from her encouraged students to start small bakeries in their community and not be afraid of their competitors as the quality you provide would create a market for yourself.

She sadly passed away during the 3rd month (25 May 2022) of the reporting period. She is missed by students, staff and customers. Students and community members honor her legacy as a woman of strength who uplifted those who longed for change.