Speaking out for others

“I am the voice for those who are handling pressure inside.”

Mamadi Advice Centre is an NGO from the community of Taaibosch Groet Ga mamadim who have a partnership with Blouberg Municipality and five traditional authorities.

I know Mamadi Advice Centre when I was still as school and it was established in 1997 dealing with different funders, different programme and the report that we got as council it has never failed the Blouberg Municipality and its five tradition.

The Auntibullying campaign that was hosted by Mamadi Advice Centre in partnership with De Beer, Lefa Labasa and Father a nation has made me us proud, because it was the day that every person who has experienced bullying was able to speak out through narrating their stories about what was happening in their homes. It was also the day that I realised the purpose conducting training and dialogues at different schools and community.

Through the project which is funded by Global Affairs Canada that is administered by Gender Links under WVL-SA Mamadi Advice Centre has now manage to recruit 124 sister on sisterhood advocacy to run programmes on Gender Based Violence.

Mamadi Advice Centre and Future Family has also managed to train 40 young girls and women(19-34).

Mamadi Advice Centre is the organisation that bring changes to live of our community and surrounding areas by educate and empower and referrals on those cases that are above their jurisdictions,