Mavis Dlamini started Uthando Restoration to fight GBV scourge in the area of Umbumbulu Area. She left her home in Montclair and stayed in a rented room with her daughter so that she can be close to the community that she is servicing. When she was asked what led or made her choose to work in Umbumbulu Area and not her community she said that the voice spoke to her and pointed her to Umbumbulu Area.

She has since built partnerships with other organisation in Umbumbulu to fight GBVF. She has tried so many times to find structure that she can operate in, with no success.

Mavis used her own vehicle to attend and provide support to GBVF victims. When she lost her car she continued and still continues to spread the word against GBV.

She is part of the Forums in Umbumbulu and surrounding areas and the group that provides services to victims of crime and GBVF. She recently got involved with other members of the community to fight for justice for Anele, a member of LGBTI who was raped and brutally killed and her body dismembered in Kwamakhutha. Each time the suspect appears in court this group goes and stand in front of the court with boards expressing how angry they are and unsafe as women.

Mavis also started an initiative to assist youth to receive training and be capacitated so that they are ready for employment and worked closely with

She linked the youth with business people who taught them skills to start their own businesses (baking, cooking, hair and nail technicians) etc.

Mavis does all the work freely, no sponsor, no financial support. She selflessly share and impart knowledge and empower youth and women in the community of Umbumbulu.