The client attended our GBV hotspot outreach program on 30 March 2022 where different stakeholders were providing service on site. She had problems with grandchildren that are violent and had left her with their children (great grandchildren). Her great grandchildren did not have birth certificate and had been neglected by their parents. Mam Sibiya had reported cases of neglect to child welfare and social development but because children had no birth certificates, she could not access any services for help. She struggles continuously with the police as well.

Mam Sibiya sat for the whole program, during the break away she went to Incema, SASSA and SAPS stands. Some of her challenges were not directly related to Incema services however; Incema social workers intervened and identified other stakeholders on site that could attend to her case.

Mam Sibiya’s urgent need was to get her great grand children’s birth certificate for easy access to services. Department of home affairs was not on site on the 30th of March but department of correctional services volunteered to accompany Mam Sibiya to home affairs for birth certificates application. Upon evaluation of the program Mam Sibiya attended the meeting and gave feedback that, she had received the birth certificate. “If it was not for the outreach program organised by Incema, I would have not received help from all organisations at once, it would have been difficult to go to all departments as I would need transport fare for different days” said Mam Sibiya.

Incema social workers have taken Mam Sibiya to SASSA so that she starts applying for social grants as well as food parcel vouchers. An arrangement for home visit was made to assess home situation and to meet grandchildren. Education on different forms of abuse was done for Mam Sibiya and her family. There is no criminal case opened yet but the family is aware of different forms of abuse and court processes.