“I have learnt that teamwork is very important and that a task is much easier being done by a team rather than one person.”

One day Magdeline was browsing through Facebook and she came across the TOFYWD page and found the motto interesting and inspiring. “I got into that page and read about TOFYWD. I got inspired as someone who also wants to help other people specifically young girls, help to empower them, and let them know that they have the potential and ability to achieve anything that they want to achieve.”

Magdeline signed up to be a TOFYWD volunteer in 2021 and is currently volunteering as a finance assistant, her job is to look for funding online and let her team know when she finds funding that the organisation qualifies for. “I am enjoying my work so far.”

“TOFYWD is indeed a home for women, I always see women sharing their problems on the organisation’s WhatsApp platform with others and seeing them getting help from their fellow organisation member is truly inspiring. Therefore I have had great experience with TOFYWD and I am looking forward to more and a greater, empowering and inspiring experience.”

Since joining TOFYWD, Magdeline says her way of communicating with other people has positively changed. “I have learnt that it is important to always be kind to other people as you don’t know what they are going through. My perception towards GBV has changed, meaning I now know that it is possible to get out of any abusive relationship and still thrive in life and all thanks to TOFYWD members for sharing their GBV journeys.

TOFYWD created a platform for us as members to come together share our experiences, empower each other, love each other and inspire each other, that is how it contributed to my change. All TOFYWD management including volunteers have contributed a lot to this change.

I have gained good communication skill and listening skills. My volunteering task is also helping to enhance my computer literacy skill. TOFYWD has taught me that empowering other woman starts with myself, I have to know my values, my attitude, my way of approaching situations before I can be able to empower another individual. Empowering is a two-way system where the other individual must be willing to be empowered.

I am grateful for the support I get from my family, TOFYWD members, friends and community members. A special mention to the TOFYWD CEO, she has been an amazing pillar of support for all of us. She is kind, loving, caring and she is indeed a leader. Through her mentorship, there has been change in how I relate to people around me, I am more of a listener than a speaker now, I provide support and advices where I can and I look forward to seeing more change in my life through TOFYWD.

My family and friends noticed the changes and really complimented me on them. They have seen this change in the way I started behaving after joining TOFYWD, my friend was encouraged and inspired to join the organisation. Honestly, I haven’t got the chance to speak to people in my community especially regarding GBV as it is a very sensitive matter. I have referred people with issues to our programs team and will continue to do so. However, I am willing to gain as much knowledge and skill about it before I can engage with people in my community.

It has been a great learning journey, I am volunteering for TOFYWD my teamwork skill is improving as well as my computer literacy skill. I have learnt that teamwork is very important and that a task is much easier being done by a team rather than one person. The only challenges are working from home where I have my siblings and niece running around the house and making noise while I am trying to do my work. I am currently experiencing data and network issues as I am unemployed. I hope that we get funding that can absorb volunteers into fulltime work.

I am still completing my diploma in Building and my dream is to have my own construction company where women have equal access to the construction as men.

TOFYWD is indeed a home and I really cannot wait to start having projects here in North West (Mafikeng) where our organisation will be recognised and grow.”