Emotional healing gives strength

“I prayed that one day I be mentally stable and be able to put food in the table”

From being a victim to be the survivor, Mrs Bowes never thought she will regain her strength, her psychological wounds will heal and that she be will be able to earn a living from being a survivor of violence who is willing to help others with the same experience.

Mrs Bowes is a survivor of violence who accessed service within Incema since the organisation expended its services to include persons experienced gender based violence

Upon consulting with the organisation, she had lost her employment, she had to resign because of depression that was caused by terrible experience she had to go through. She lost her daughter who was killed after being raped in 2018, she lost her husband who died of depression related disease and she was about to lose her mind until she met Incema social worker Mr Simiso Ndlela

On the 8th of September 2020, Incema conducted a community educational program at Edendale Spar shopping centre after distributing face masks to Edendale Mega spar staff and community. Incema distributed information pamphlets and conducted education on gender based violence. Ms Bowes friend who works at Spar took Incema contacts, spoke to Social worker Ndlela and asked to give contacts details to Mrs Bowes. Mr Ndlela contacted Mrs Bowes immediately and the psycho-social services process started.

Mrs Bowes shared with the social worker towards the end of November 202 that she was feeling much better and she believed that she can be able to cope should she gets a job that she had started to look for. On Sunday the 29th of November 2020, Mrs Bowes shared the good news with the social worker that she has got a job offered by eThembeni home for the orphaned babies which a place of hope for the abused and the vulnerable. Mrs Bowes started in her new job on the 1st of December 2020. Mr Ndlela checked if the job offer was legit which part of giving support to Mr Bowes was.

Mrs Bowes life have changed for the better and she is still receiving emotional support services form Incema through online services. She shared voice notes and messages to thank Incema for the service she received