Be the change

“Often we hear about women being empowered, Bellona Women’s Network ‘wants to give women the tools to empower themselves.”

Often we find ourselves around the table sharing banter about the various weaknesses of society and its structures, prejudices, perpetuated inequality, injustice and the lack of change, most often than not those conversations are concluded at the bottom of each coffee cup. Cofounding Bellona Women’s Network was the courage to walk the talk and ‘be the change we wanted to see in this world’.

Many of us that contribute to this move have experienced the difficulties in trying to navigate the corporate world and how critical it is to have a platform where we can empower young women to have a point of reference and a support system as they strive to succeed in their corporate pursuits. We are not only creating a platform for women to share their stories, but this journey is part of writing our own story, each one of us represent the women we want to serve and that is why we believe in the power of what we are creating.

Through the partner networks we have met through Gender Links and Women’s Voice & Leadership we realized that there are a lot of organisations that are heeding the call to action to ‘be the change’ and that ‘as we all let our lights shine, we unconsciously give other the permission to do the same’.

We are confident that the success of Bellona will confront many traditional fallacies about the role of a woman in society and that we will shine the light on conversations that continue to be swept under the rug for fear of them being ‘unladylike’ or ‘taboo’. We want to dissect stereotypes and debunk myths around feminism and give women the tools to empower themselves.