Application of protection order in safe space and Counselling

My name is Khanyisile Mnyandu and I was born in 1997.Through counselling received from Lesedi La Setjhaba I took a decision to break the cycle of abuse in the family. I realized that my fear of leaving this abusive relationship is doing more harm to me and my three children.

As a young mother who saw her mother breakdown mentally due the abuse she suffered I feared that my children will go through the same pain. I am thankful that I took a decision to reach out to Lesedi La Setjhaba for help. Through counselling and support I am feeling positive about life and my future. I no longer feel trapped. I finally got the courage to break the silence by reporting my abusive partner who took advantage of my vulnerability. I also managed to apply for a protection order easily because the staff at Lesedi helped me a lot.

Even though I have not yet moved out, I have a clear plan on how I am going to leave this relationship. Fortunately I also managed to get a job as a domestic worker, combined with child support grant for 3 children we will be able to survive. I am happy that I will finally I regain my freedom and have a voice to tell other women to leave abusive relationships.