The hope inside of me

“I am because I matter”

I am Kaylin Adams, I am 20 years old and i live in Mitchells Plain Cape Town. I have been benefiting from the glory pads that was given out by new heritage foundation within our community. New Heritage is the only organisation that also educated us on reproductive health issues before.

The organization came to our community, this topic was non-existent even amongst the youth. I am proud to have had the opportunity to be part of this outreach and benefitted to menstruate with dignity. I was educated to know about the different types of pads and how long to use scented sanitary pads as this can also be harmful to one’s reproductive health long term.

I practice hygiene management and taking care of my body and understanding my body changes has helped me tremendously as a young woman.

I am part of youth group and I now share this information not only in that space but in every space, I see the need for it. Body rights was a foreign language to me although I know no one is supposed to touch me or violate me still I received deeper understanding of my right to choose for my own body and to embrace who I am this has given me the confidence to be who I am and having voice and a say to what concerns my body.

I have since attended most of new heritage foundations outreached because of the meaningful impact it makes in communities. I am also thankful for Canada and genderlinks that supports organisations that works in our communities to better the lives of youth, women and girls. When I can, I volunteer because it is my way of giving back.

I like the dialogues where women can speak and engage on challenges where progress needs to be made.

I was fortunate to be amongst those that spoke at the first dialogue event with new heritage foundation also the first time they engaged with youth with mental disability on menstrual challenges which was a very emotional day for all that was present. I am always aware of the way Chantelle brings the education across one can feel her passion for this work. I have seen her work without resources, and I have seen this work grow and I hope new heritage foundation keep growing and going forward because we must end period poverty it takes so much from us if we bleed without sanitary pads. I believe new heritage is the organization making real impact to end period poverty.