“Mentorship is the only way women will move closer to gender equality in South Africa. As a nation, we need to learn to respect our women but living in a man’s world means constantly proving we are just as capable of doing amazing things as they are, if not better – Gender Equality must be a lived reality.” Karen Painter

Joining Bellona Women’s Network is a very important step for me in my career but also to be a part of a mission I believe so strong in which is Women Empowerment. To be a support for this incredible team of women has been an amazing experience for me.

To be able to gain experience and be part of this team has given me a new appreciation for administration. I feel very privileged to be able to assist in moving this mission closer to the end goal of creating a sorority for African women and creating a safe environment where women can help to lift as they raise, by means of peer mentorship.